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How do you stop the sun and water from causing the early demise of your asphalt? It’s simple, really. To ward off these harmful effects, it’s critical to protect your blacktop through periodic asphalt sealcoating. Once your pavement is installed, it’s only a matter of time until weathering and oxidation start to take a toll. The good news is driveway sealing and parking lot sealcoating can fortify your asphalt surfaces, allowing them to stay stronger and last longer.

Our driveway sealers work carefully to clean, coat, and cure your pavement for thorough coverage and long-term durability. This helps to:

* Prevent premature sun damage

* Defend against cracking, fading, and deterioration

* Weatherproof the surface for longer life

* Avoid seepage and moisture damage

* Cut costs by making your asphalt last

Asphalt Maintenance

Jersey State Paving will provide recommendations for the type of maintenance that is required when any paving is done.

Sometimes the difference between a new asphalt parking lot lasting 25 years and new parking lot that lasts 10 years is protecting your investment with seal coat and crackseal, if needed.

In the end, you’ll save money and hassle by extending the life of your existing asphalt. 

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